TavexWise Privacy Policy

This policy provides you with an overview of which type data TavexWise (the data controller) require from you to provide payment services and how we process the data you have provided us with. This policy is an integral  part of the terms of service and we advise all users to read the policy. The policy may include definitions defined in the terms of service.

TavexWise AS contact information:

TavexWise AS 
Business Registry nr: 12641402
Aia 5 Tallinn 10111
+372 6279900

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or the information processed by us, please contact: data@tavexwise.com 

1. We safeguard data

1.1. It is important for TavexWise that all users’ personal information is stored securely. Generating payment orders online and forwarding data on the internet is not entirely risk free, which is why all data forwarded to us online, will be done at your own risk.

1.2. TavexWise shall apply strict procedures for processing the received data and adequate security features to prevent unauthorized access to it.

1.3. The data collected by TavexWise is subject to retention. The retention period is dependent on the jurisdiction, where the services are provided, most commonly the retention period is 5 years. If you would like to know the specific retention period at your location please contact TavexWise via email data@tavexwise.com 

2. Limited eyes principle

2.1. Access to the data you have provided us is limited to TavexWise employees with a valid and substantial cause to access the information.

2.2. TavexWise shall keep a log of all inquiries made by TavexWise employees regarding your personal data.

2.3. Employees are being continuously trained to raise awareness and knowledge regarding  confidentiality and privacy of data provided to and processed by TavexWise. 

2.4. TavexWise has at all times adequate, sufficient and updated routines to comply with laws and regulations applicable to avoid misuse and unauthorized access of your personal data.

3. Only necessary and relevant data

3.1. The data required by TavexWise and provided by you: 

3.1.1. when you sign up for our service online or in our office: your full name, email, address, telephone number;

3.1.2 when you use our services online or via our physical locations: your full name, email, address, telephone number, occupation, place or work, social security number or date of birth, financial information, origin of funds, reason for remittance etc;

3.1.3 some of the information listed in 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 when you contact us with an inquiry or participate in a voluntary survey, social media or other promotional event(s).

3.2. TavexWise collects user interaction details online, herein:

3.2.1 the location for initiating the payment order and location of the receiver of the remittance;

3.2.2. technical information, including but not limited to: IP-address, operating system, browser type, login credentials, time zone;

3.2.3. users browsing characteristics, such as clickstream, visited URLs, site errors, site visit time, page interaction etc. 

3.3. TavexWise may obtain and process information about you from third parties, for example:

3.3.1. from other financial institutions, such as banks and card payment processors, who may provide us with your full name, account number or credit card number, address and financial information;

3.3.2. from advertising agencies and networks;

3.3.3. from social media networks (e.g Facebook and Google) for authentication and marketing purposes. TavexWise may also request access to your social media contacts for referral purposes;

4. Cookies improve user experience

4.1. TavexWise uses cookies in order to provide you with convenient and personalized services. To read the cookie policy click HERE.

5. TavexWise uses collected data with reason

5.1. TavexWise uses the data collected only to provide and/or enhance its services and for compliance purposes;

5.2. TavexWise may use the data collected to customize the services we provide you;

5.3. TavexWise shall disclose the data collected to fulfill its obligations deriving from legal regulations to relevant state institutions and authorities;

5.4. TavexWise may disclose data collected with other group entities and/or subsidiaries, agents;

5.5. TavexWise may disclose data collected with its affiliates, business partners, suppliers and sub/contractors to enhance the provision of its services/products and verify fraudulent activity. TavexWise shall not publish the list of third parties the data has been or will be disclosed to;

5.6. TavexWise users have the right to request not to be contacted for marketing purposes, request additional information about the data collected (herein to whom the data has been disclosed to) or correction of inaccurate data via email data@tavexwise.com