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Fast and simple – Making your payments “fast and simple” is the cornerstone of our website. Bank websites are a real pain to use. They make you feel stupid because you might not know how to fill in all the blanks. But we have live dealers in offices ready to help you.

And you always get really good exchange rates and know exactly how much you are saving compared to banks and other providers. Remember – your time is also money.





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Did you know that if you want to receive or send cash, you usually get a totally different exchange rate? Luckily we have got this covered. Since TavexWise is part of a group that deals with currency exchange, we can offer the best rates in the countries where we operate.

Use our online money transfer or visit one of our 17 offices and see for yourself. We are here to serve you.


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Sending your money is a matter of trust! We have 17 offices available across Europe in 4 countries. You can verify our services personally at those locations. We believe that getting to know you in person makes everybody's life easier and ensures a trusting relationship.

If you have a question, you can always reach us online or visit our offices and get excellent customer service. This is one of our great advantages over many other providers.





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